Africa Bracelet, elastic, with African Turquoise

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  • African Turquoise 8 mm ;
  • Steel stainless;
  • Size M(19 cm);
  • Guarantee certificate;
  • Box and gift bag included.
  • Handcrafted creations, entirely handmade, 100% Made in Italy.

Stone: African Turquoise

All our bracelets are made of hard natural stones and stainless steel (inox) components. Therefore, the bracelet is water resistant and does not lose its colour. It can be used for any occasion, at the sea, at the pool, in the shower, etc.


African turquoise is the “stone of evolution”. It encourages personal growth and development and promotes positive internal changes. It opens the mind to new ideas and endless possibilities. African Turquoise is a stone that stimulates balance and provides the clarity needed to achieve your goals.

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