Milano Scarf – with double face

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  • Size: 185 cm x 65 cm
  • Composition: 100% silk
  • Sweing: Hand Sewn
  • Ennoblement: Tradition Print & Dye
  • Unisex
  • Special Package: The Tombolino
  • Made in Italy
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Elegant and sophisticated, home of Italy’s stock exchange and capital of fashion and design, behind its brash and soulless appearance Milan is a vibrant metropolis of life.

The silvery grey and metallic red of this scarf pick up the reflections of the evening on the steel and glass of the Milanese skyscrapers.

Thanks to the properties of the silk yarn, they are ideal in any season and protect the throat and neck from the cold and humidity, guaranteeing a constant temperature, the right lightness and protection.

Our scarves are sewn in an Italian tailor’s workshop near Como in a very delicate sewing process that takes almost an hour per scarf.

Our creations are made from high-quality materials, printed and dyed using special techniques that give each colour an extraordinary and inimitable iridescence.

Handcrafted in Italy. According to the ancient silk traditions of Lake Como, each scarf is unique and is produced in a limited edition only a few times a year in a small number of pieces


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